Martyna Smith

SharkStardust, L' Arte ed il Carisma scaturiti dalla Tragedia

decided not to rebuild

In 1996 he was appointed to a Readership in Organic Chemistry in the Institute of Pharmacy and Chemistry at the University of Sunderland and was promoted to Professor, in the Sunderland Pharmacy School, in 2001. Paul was the Centre Director of chemiSPEC, a business providing spectroscopic services to industry.He has published more than 70 papers and three books. China and an Honorary Professor in the School of Medicine, Pharmacy and Health, University of Durham, UK.CLARIOstar Multifunctional Microplate Reader for Shared Used at the Open Access, Multi User Molecular Biology Core Facility; Huang M, Scolyer R, Fraser S, Sahni S, Speranza T, Owens T, Barrs V, Ju Y, Kovacevic Z, Lu Z, Camp A, Slobedman B, Morris B, Oliver B, Dos Remedios C, Kalinowski D, Fu D, Lai D, Lovicu F, Allbutt H, Triccas J, Burgess J, Kril J, Dixon K, Rendina L, Byrne M, King N, Groundwater P, Williamson P, Ho J, Dong Q, Bao B, Assinder S, McLennan S, Richardson D, Ammit A, Sharland A, Hardikar A, Hong A, Hambly B, Lee C, Murphy C, Goldsbury C, Johnstone D, Lane D, Hibbs D, Joshua D, Huq F, Halliday G, Sutherland G, Zreiqat H, Lok H, Lyons G, Jansson P, Black J, Zhu L, Sunde M, Day M, Naylor M, Buckland M, Murray M, Shafie N, Lay P, Poronnik P, Codd R, Mason R, Ryan R, Christopherson R, de Graaf S; National Health and Medical Council (NHMRC)/Equipment Grants.QX100 Droplet Digital PCR system for Shared Used at the Open Access, Multi User Molecular Biology Core Facility; Richardson D, Kril J, Murphy C, Vandenberg R, Rendina L, Dos Remedios C, Ju Y, Kovacevic Z, Lyons G, Sutherland G, Lay P, Ammit A, Lai D, Morris B, Day M, Dong Q, Bao B, Huang M, Camp A, Boyer M, Whittington R, Byrne M, Hanrahan J, Fu D, Jansson P, Lane D, Bagley E, Hibbs D, Zhang D, Fraser S, Scolyer R, Black J, Halliday G, Christie M, Zreiqat H, Murray M, Slobedman B, Naylor M, Burgess J, Triccas J, Mason R, Chadban S, Combes V, Lovicu F, McLennan S, Kalinowski D, Sharland A, Johnstone D, Groundwater P, Dixon K, Zhou F, Lovejoy D, Lu Z, Zhu L, Goldsbury C, Witting P, Buckland M, Assinder S, Purdie (Williams) A, Codd R, Owens T, Hambly B; National Health and Medical Council (NHMRC)/Equipment Grants.Novel Fluorogenic Probes for the Selective Detection of Pathogenic Bacteria; Groundwater P, Hibbs D; National Health and Medical Council (NHMRC)/Project Grants.Robotic High Throughput Western Analysis for the Open Access, Multi User Sydney Cancer Core Facility; Richardson D, Scolyer R, Boyer M, Halliday G, Damian D, Christopherson R, Joshua D, Kench J, Hong A, Murray M, Lee C, Kalinowski D, Naylor M, Lay P, Lyons G, Kovacevic Z, Mason R, Dixon K, Chan Ling T, Hawkins C, Sunde M, Lovejoy D, Owens T, Rendina L, Jansson P, Dos Remedios C, Charles (nee Slaviero) K, Lane D, Witting P, Dong Q, Ammit A, Groundwater P, Assinder S, Bao B, Byrne S, Zhou F, Buckland M, Grewal T, Huq F, Lai D, Codd R, Zhang D, Fu D, de Graaf S, Huang M, Payne R, Slobedman B, Barrs V, Ho J, Williamson P, Murphy C; DVC /Equipment Grant.HPLC MS for high throughput drug and protein analysis; Payne R, Kassiou M, Cordwell S, Hibbs D, Groundwater P, Shepherd N; DVC /Equipment Grant.GeneAtlas Personal Microarray System; Richardson D, Scolyer R, Stocker R, Weninger W, Black J, Allen D, Murray M, Mason R, Twigg S, King N, Horvath L, Lovicu F, Lee C, Halliday G, Lovejoy D, Joshua D, Sharland A, Roufogalis B, Hambly B, Morris B, Bao B, Bishop A, Hibbs D, Lane D, Zhou F, Hanrahan J, Dixon K, Rendina L, Byrne M, Naylor M, Cole N, Jansson P, Dong Q, Codd R, Payne R, Assinder S, Chadban S, Fraser S, McLennan S, Suryo Rahmanto A, Lai D, Yu Y, Ju Y, Buckland M, Kovacevic Z, Saletta F, Zreiqat H, Kalinowski D, Groundwater P, Simes R, Zhang D, Boyer M, Murphy C; National Health and Medical Council (NHMRC)/Equipment Grants.Groundwater, P., Narlawar, R., Liao, V., Bhattacharya, A., Srivastava, S., Kunal, K., Doddareddy, M., Oza, P., Mamidi, R., Marrs, E., Hibbs, D., et al (2017).

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