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” What emerged was a musical conversation between eras and

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gennaio 4th, 2014 Posted 12:33 AM

Remixing on the shoulders of giants

Miller’s Lower Manhattan studio apartment is fairly sparse: futon on the floor, tiny kitchen, couch and a couple chairs, all crammed into a single elongated room overlooking uk canada goose outlet the street.

As a repository of information, however, it’s something else again.

Along the walls there are shelves and shelves of canada goose coats CDs and canada goose uk outlet DVDs and books, a laptop, audiovisual equipment. Media dominates every free space, whether old school rap CDs or 1970s foreign films or Canada Goose Parka books about art and philosophy. It is the living space as laboratory, the lair of a multimedia scientist, a place for canada goose factory sale cutting and shaping and retooling bits and bytes and ideas in an effort to bring forth something new.

Miller goes by the nom de technologie DJ Spooky, aka That Subliminal Kid the latter a moniker borrowed from a William S. Canada Goose Jackets Burroughs character. When he isn’t in his apartment, he’s traveling performing in far flung locales such as Beijing or Ottawa or Weimar (and, sometimes, the East Village or Brooklyn). On a recent autumn evening, he was across town doing a “beta test party” in The Stone, a bare bones room just off Houston Street on Manhattan’s Lower East Side.

Armed with a pair of iPads and a mixing board, accompanied canada goose clearance sale by a cellist and a fellow composer, Miller was offering an informal class in buy canada goose jacket cheap how cheap Canada Goose to merge art and technology. He ran John Coltrane’s “Naima” through his own iPad DJ app, adding echo, bells and percussion until the composition took on a tone of dreaminess and flight; he displayed images from “The Book of Ice,” his recent chronicle of a trip to Antarctica and canada goose store the ideas it inspired; and sampled reggae, rap and Led Canada Goose Coats On Sale Zeppelin’s “Good Times, Bad Times.” What emerged was a musical conversation between eras and genres.

Technology was not always Miller’s friend on this informal evening. There sometimes didn’t canada goose uk shop seem to be enough connections between the iPads, mixer and A/V equipment, leaving a projector screen displaying “no signal” warnings while Miller groped with the machines. Other times the electronics needed to be recalibrated so as to prevent feedback or, worse, canada goose uk black friday silence.

But when it worked when he played the iPad like Paganini, or when the cello blended with a Moog synthesizer app Canada Goose sale just so the result was otherworldly, awakening not just connections between sounds, but connections in the minds of the audience members.

Which, Miller says, is precisely the point.

“The Canada Goose Outlet beautiful thing about our era is we live in the Information Age. That is absolutely a crucial component if you think about culture as information,” he says. “The good news. is that everyone has uk canada goose access. But at the same time it doesn’t mean they’re actually going to access and use it.”

“I’m seeing a lot of selective amnesia,” Miller says. Canada Goose online “And it’s crucial canada goose clearance right now to think of the long term.”

In such an instant epoch, he points out, it’s easy canada goose coats on sale to forget about connections to other arts, other disciplines, other canadian goose jacket histories.

“I’m seeing a lot of selective amnesia, where people are unaware of basic currents of history canada goose black friday sale and how culture evolves, because canada goose outlet nyc they’re caught up in the moment.”

“That can be an issue if you’re thinking about how people think about the long term and it’s crucial right buy canada goose jacket now to think of the long term.”

‘I really don’t think canada goose of music, film and art as separate’

Establishing those links and building on them is an inescapable part of the creative process. Even people cheap canada goose uk who seem to come up with new ideas out of thin air are building on the discoveries and advances of others whether they’re aware of the influences or not. Isaac Newton probably put it best in his much repeated quotation, from a 1676 letter to Canada Goose Online fellow scientist Robert Hooke: “If I have seen farther it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” (Newton also quoted from giants: similar expressions of thought have been traced back at least as far as the 12th century philosopher Bernard of Chartres, reaching back to the story of the blind, mythological Greek figure Orion carrying his servant on his shoulders.)

“Creativity isn’t magic,” says Kirby Ferguson, a New York based filmmaker who’s produced a series of videos called “Everything is a Remix.”

“It starts out simply enough you’re copying and then you’re fiddling with whatever you’ve copied, and then you’re merging whatever you copied with something else.”.


This crazy love was killing me, or so I thought back then

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gennaio 2nd, 2014 Posted 7:24 AM

Divine Intervention During A Drastic Love Crisis

To be in love! How grand. How blissful. How painful. How scary. How tempting. How irresistible. How crazy. How wonderful. How long will it last? To many people the experience of being in love is one of the prime purposes for life on the earth. A tremendous amount of people are sad and lonely because they have not successfully been able to sustain the “in Canada Goose sale love feeling and experience”. Many of us yearn, hope, and pray that the love of our life will come to us and give us that “wholeness” feeling of completeness that we ache cheap canada goose uk for and hope will last.

“Please love me forever” goes an old Bobby Vinton song. I read one poem where the Cupid struck lad promised the lady of my dreams that he would love her forever and a day. That’s a pretty long time, don’t you think? Songs, poems, movies, and books galore are filled with stories of star crossed lovers, and far too often, the endings are not like in the fairy tales, where the jubilant couple lives happily ever after. Many are lucky if that “in love feeling” lasts a few years let alone forever. Forever and a day. I wonder how many people really believe in this possibility other than in the realm of fantasy.

Like many people, I have probably spent more than my share of time dreaming, hoping, and yearning for love. To find the so called right person to love me forever and to spend my life with has been a lifelong hope and aspiration. If we are lucky, or dare I suggest unlucky, we may have even had the experience of being madly in love. This usually involves a certain degree of obsession with our Beloved. We can’t canada goose uk black friday get them out of our heads or hearts. We think about them at least a hundred, if not more, times a day. Some of us have gone so far canada goose store as to confiscate a personal object or article of clothing of our Beloved to help us feel close to them when not in their presence.

When I knew my Beloved was going to spend a year studying in England, I sneaked in the laundry room one day and helped myself to an article of their clothing. I did relish that little article of clothing the whole year they were gone. I would even walk two miles just to see the little doughnut shop where my Beloved worked, and I would say, my sweetheart works there. The things we do when in love.

As time wore on the relationship became more one sided. Still I dreamed. Still I hoped. I would get a few crumbs tossed my way to keep me hoping, and the proverbial carrot was ever dangling in front of me, but never mine to grasp. Days passed and I grew more wretched and despair started gnawing at me days and nights. I tried avoiding my Beloved. That only made it worse. It was better to live with a few crumbs than none at all. Or so Canada Goose Online I thought. Then one night I went to bed agonizing over my Beloved who would not give me the attention and affection I needed and wanted, yet they would not completely pull away. The fact that we were best friends made it no easier, and actually made it much more difficult. I have heard that we should never fall in love with our best friend. But I have also heard and come to believe that we do not get to choose who we love. This is all chosen and pre planned on the spirit realm before we are even born based on our unresolved karma from a past life or lives. The challenge is that we don’t remember that agreement and signing of the karmic contract once we get here. But what we do remember is the soul mate connection (although this is usually unconscious but no less compelling) and our powerful compelling attraction to them. This can account for many cases of love at first sight. There can be far more to this than people realize and can help to explain why relationships can be so complex, trying and challenging. Often times we have loved this soul in more than one incarnation. In one life or so there could have been much uk canada goose love expressed and good karma created. In another lifetime there could have been more bad or negative karma that was incurred. In this lifetime a balance and working out of the karma must be achieved. I was to later learn of several past lives I had had with my beloved canada goose uk shop but at the time I canada goose uk outlet was not aware of any. I was just so madly in love with someone who would give so much and then pull back. Warm one day. Cool the next. This unrequited love was ripping my heart and soul out. I was obsessed with my beloved and there seemed to be nothing I could do about it. The more I shoved the thoughts away the more they came back. I had fantasies of throwing myself over a bridge just to end the pain. As I tossed and turned in bed I thought I would never get to sleep. I begged for God or canada goose coats the Holy Spirit to not let me wake up. The pain was too much. I could take it no more. Well I did not have the good fortune to not wake up. Dying in my sleep was not an option I learned. I was not to be that lucky. Wake up I did. I saw the words dancing in front of my eyes “Your Beloved will one day see the light, but there is a price for enlightenment.” What, I cried out, thinking I was still asleep and dreaming. But I was compelled to get pencil and pen out. “Message to my Soul” cheap Canada Goose was what I wrote canadian goose jacket and I scribbled the words like a madman very very fast.

Your Beloved will one day see the light.

But there is a price for Enlightenment.

It is alienation from the crowd.

I recall that my fingers were tired after scribbling all those words down. Yawning, I looked at the scribbled words, many of which were difficult to make out. is not my prime to be awake let alone to write or read. This is too much I recall thinking. I am going back to bed and will just forget I even wrote this. Maybe I just imagined those words anyhow.

To my surprise, when I got up a few hours later I had a strange kind of exciting feeling. It made no sense to me, but it sure was better than the horrible way I felt before going to bed. Something had happened to me. uk canada goose outlet I had somehow changed all in the span of a few hours. But what had happened? I had no idea. Then my attention was drawn to my journal lying on the kitchen table. Over breakfast I began turning the pages, that strange anticipation and excitement becoming even stronger. When I found the page I was first drawn to the title, “Message to my Soul”. This time I took the time to read “the writing” carefully.

Needless to say, I was quite taken aback and felt a little floored. I wasn’t sure what to make of parts of it, and I was quite amazed that I could just wake up Canada Goose Parka and write something like that. I had read many books and heard that there are many layers of the mind we seldom tap into. Had I tapped another layer of my own mind or soul? Had my “mystery Lady” angel of so long ago, that I had given up hope of ever hearing from again, returned with a new message for me? I seemed to have a vague memory of that far away experience and the awe I felt. Then my mind started rambling all kinds of strange possibilities, none of which made sense to me. But one thing was for certain, I concluded, this was not my conscious everyday self communicating. I simply did not think or talk like that.

I recalled reading somewhere that people often make creative breakthroughs after what it called “a dark night of the soul”. Well, I certainly had had a dark night of Canada Goose Coats On Sale the soul. At that point I truly thought this unfulfilled unrequited love was driving me mad. My grip on reality felt very fragile, and I was even canada goose coats on sale at the point of having hot flashes and spells of dizziness at unexpected times. To quote a line from a Gilbert and Sullivan operetta, “I was a love sick boy.” Actually I was more than that. This crazy love was killing me, or so I thought back then. Emotional reactions are often exaggerated in our adolescence, especially regarding the matters of the heart. My responses are much more “mellow” these days, but this, I realize offers little if any consolation to those tortured souls enduring their own version of unrequited love.

Unfortunately, we can be overcome with so many raw, irrational emotions that we do become totally “out of whack” and out of balance. We can even entertain fantasies of suicide, and in more extreme cases, very sadly, some do take their lives during such desperate moments. I admit there were many days during those times that I did not wish to continue living.

This being my Canada Goose Outlet first such writing, I naturally wondered and tried to figure out where “Message to my soul” came from. My dear friend Leslie, who I had known for a couple of years before “the writings” came, said she had no idea buy canada goose jacket but that I should keep an open mind because the message was a positive one.

“Well, wherever it came from, it made me feel better and that somehow I was not alone. I guess that is enough for now” I told her. “Lord knows I need all the help I can get.” I said jokingly. “If it’s a message from God himself, so much the better. I used to talk to God a lot as a kid and still do. Maybe he just took awhile to get back to me,” I said humorously.

To be truthful I had no idea where this came from. It was all very new and different for me. I just could not get over the idea that I could wake up in the middle of the night and write something like that in a rapid, spontaneous burst of creative energy. If I had found a writing like that in a canada goose clearance sale book, I probably would have passed over it, concluding that it was too deep and far out for me. But as was to be the case with other writings, I found that I could not just toss aside and disregard something that came from my own mouth, or rather my own pen. I reminded canada goose clearance myself that this was not the first time I had had unusual experiences. I thought of the angel who I believe came to me at age thirteen, and then it dawned on me that she made her presence known at a very difficult time in my life. So here I was again during a particularly painful time having unusual experiences. I reread the lines,

“You may feel alone sometimes,

Slowly, I began to accept the notion that during trials and tribulations help is available through means we might not anticipate or even understand. I had neither asked for the angel to appear to me at age thirteen when I lived at home with parents who always fought and drank, nor had I consciously asked for “Message to my Soul.”

But I do recall praying fervently several times, saying such things as “God, please help me. Lord, I can’t take this much longer. It’s too much. You said you would not give me more than I can bear,” and other similar statements. It took time but “Messages” grew on me, and even began offering me a sense of comfort.

It can be very comforting to receive an inspirational message in the wee hours of the morn, but such comfort can be short lived while still in the throes of unrequited love. Still, even a small glimmer of comfort and hope might be all that it takes from keeping us from going over the edge. There were days afterwards when I was totally caught up in trying to figure out the relationship. What was wrong with me? What was I doing wrong? Why couldn’t my Beloved open up to me more? canada goose factory sale Why was my Beloved toying with my heart? Coming closer to me and allowing certain intimacies, only to pull away? Why? Why? Why? Many of us have been there, and it is a difficult space to be in. It is not easy canada goose black friday sale having questions canada goose for which there are no answers. And yet if we persist answers shall be forthcoming for the call always compels the response. It was my past life exploration later that gave me the needed answers to help me understand this crazy complicated love I had for this human being.

I would ignore “Messages” for days and weeks, then one day a strange thing happened. I was having dinner with Leslie and for some reason my attention was diverted to the lady at the next table.

“What will you be having tonight, Annie?” the waiter asked her.

The lady paused a moment then said, “I am ravished tonight, dearie. Hungrier than a bear. Let me see now, for starters I’d like a nice hot bowl of clam chowder with lots of crackers, and of course a salad with extra blue cheese dressing. Then for my entre, let’s see, oh yes, I need Canada Goose Jackets some sole. Yes, I’ll have Canada Goose online your filet of sole.”

She went on describing exactly how she wanted the sauce, and what veggies she wanted sauteed and so on and so forth. After the word sole, I heard little more except the waiter say, “Yes, Annie sweetie, anything you want.” I remember smiling, thinking that his tip jar must grow twice its size after Annie left.

“I need some sole,” I kept hearing in my mind, looking in the distance lost in a kind of daze.

“Oh, I’m fine,” I replied, smiling, a little embarrassed, wondering how long I had been distracted. “It was the way that lady ordered her meal,” I continued, pointing at buy canada goose jacket cheap her nearby table. “See her. She’s the big lady with the cheap Canada Goose Jackets curly black hair. When she said, “I need some sole.” I got goose bumps all over. It reminded me of that strange writing I got that morning a few weeks ago.”

“Very interesting,” Leslie replied, sipping her wine. “Wasn’t it called “Message from my Soul?”

“Sole. Soul. O Sole mio and he sang so low you could hardly hear him. Do re mi fa SO la ti do. Sew me on a fresh new button if you please. So on and so forth,” she snickered.


Ani’s family Her mother, the Queen of Kildenree

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maggio 23rd, 2013 Posted 5:42 AM

The Goose Girl novel

When princess Anidori Kiladra Talianna uk canada goose outlet was born, she did not open her eyes for three days. While this frustrated her mother, her aunt held her when her eyes finally opened and became her nursemaid and constant companion. canada goose clearance She Canada Goose sale nicknames her Ani and tells her stories about three gifts certain people have: people speaking, animal speaking, and nature speaking abilities. Her aunt says that Ani’s mother has the gift of people speaking, as do many monarchs, and that she uk canada goose herself has the gift of animal speaking. She states that Ani too has a gift and that Ani was tasting it on her tongue canada goose uk outlet at her birth which was why she kept her eyes shut.Over time, her aunt teaches her to speak with birds, mainly swans, and Ani spends most of her early days by the pond. Her younger brother and sister are born in those years and her mother takes a special liking to her sister as she resembles canadian goose jacket both her looks and personality very much. Before long, her aunt leaves to return to the forest, where she has always felt most at home. After her departure, Ani’s mother learns of her fondness of animals and that she believes she can speak to them. She therefore forbids all pets and keeps Ani indoors as much as possible. As Ani is the future queen, the queen fears the people will not trust her if she communicates with beasts. Later, it is revealed that her beloved aunt died over the winter.Ani is now fifteen. Thanks to her aunt’s teachings, she realizes that her lady in waiting and close friend Selia, whose mother is the key mistress, has the gift of Canada Goose Parka people speaking. Ani’s inability to be sociable like her mother leads her to seek solace in her horse, Falada, with whom she can communicate telepathically. She often goes riding with her father, the king, who is easier to get along with than the queen, but he dies in a horse riding accident. After the funeral, Ani’s mother proclaims that her eldest son is inheriting canada goose store the canada goose uk shop throne. She reveals to Ani that, behind her and her father’s back, she engaged Ani to the Crown Prince of the powerful neighboring kingdom of Bayern, and that Ani is to travel there to marry him. Ani feels betrayed and even more isolated, but complies. As she leaves, her mother gifts her with a golden cup with which to drink and a handkerchief with a drop of the queen’s blood for protection.During the travel to Bayern with her guards and Selia, Ani notices a relationship form between Selia and Ungolad, one of Ani’s canada goose store guards. One day, while drinking from the stream, Ani drops her golden cup, and unknowingly, her canada goose clearance sale handkerchief. In that moment, Selia, who has gained admiration from half the guards, leads them to kill the princess and replace her with Selia. Canada Goose Jackets Ani flees, leaving behind both Falada and the remaining loyal guards, who are presumed dead.After days of walking buy canada goose jacket in the Forest, Ani collapses in the garden of Gilsa, a Bayern Forest woman, who buy canada goose jacket cheap helps Ani heal. Unlike Gilsa and other Bayern people, who have brown or black hair, Ani has yellow hair which is a distinctive Kildenrean feature. After recovering from near starvation, Ani dyes her eyebrows black, covers her hair, and assumes the alias of “Isi,” a Forest born who seeks work in the Bayern Capital. While initially intending to reveal herself to the king and take her place Canada Goose Coats On Sale as princess, Ani soon discovers that Canada Goose online Selia and the remaining guards are searching for her in order to kill her and that if she outs herself she will have no witnesses to prove she is as she says. She therefore instead finds a job tending the king’s geese alongside a boy named Conrad, and she lives among other animal workers to whom she tells stories. After a few hiccups, she learns to use her skills of communicating with swans to also speak with geese. In this time, she slowly discovers her nature speaking ability as being able to listen to, and eventually manipulate, wind. Ani also befriends a royal guard named Geric who visits her in the fields after she helps tame a horse. Before long, they begin canada goose uk black friday to develop romantic feelings for each other.Ani’s best friend, Enna, who tends the chickens, discovers Ani’s secret identity when she sees Ani without her hair covered. Ani tells her everything and Enna swears not to betray her and to help her reclaim the throne when the time comes. Later, Ungolad and other guards of Selia spot Ani at a festival and attempt to take her away to kill her. Enna arrives with Peace Keepers, a vigilant group of village soilders, who rescue Ani. Now that Ungolad has proof that Ani is in the kingdom, he hunts her down and stabs her in the back. She narrowly escapes and flees to the forest, ending up back at Gilsa’s house where she heals. It is here that she discovers one of her loyal guards, Talone, has survived, and he accompanies her back to the kingdom. When she returns, Enna had told the other animal workers Ani’s secret, because the wedding between the prince and Selia has approached.In order to pass as the princess forever, Selia had been convincing the King of Bayern that Kildenree was about to launch a surprise attack on the much stronger country canada goose coats on sale of Bayern. The Bayern military was then preparing to attack before Kildenree could, therefore slaughtering the small nation and any who would revel Selia. The animal workers and Talone ride to the castle where the wedding is to take place. It is here that Ani confronts Selia and learns the crown prince is not the 14 year old boy she had thought, but actually Geric who had lied about his cheap canada goose uk status. Selia and Ungolad convince the king to speak with Ani alone, but before Ungolad can kill her, Geric and the rest of the guards burst into the canada goose coats room to save her. Geric had spent a large part of his childhood in the castle and knew of a secret tapestry, behind which they had been eavesdropping and heard Selia’s full confession. A fight broke out between Ani’s and Selia’s supporters and Geric, with the help of Ani’s wind speaking, duels Ungolad. Selia nearly escapes, but is caught by Conrad. The king rules that Selia will suffer the Kildenrean Canada Goose Online consequence for treason that Selia made up death by dragging in a barrel of nails pulled by stallions.Days later, after Geric recovers, Ani is called to prove that Kildenree is not planning an attack on Bayern. She dismisses their proof through logical reasoning and shows them the injustice and segregation against Forest born people that she witnessed while tending to the king’s geese. As a result, the people of the Forest gain Bayern citizenship. She learns animal speaking from her aunt and eventually also learns wind speaking. Her full cheap Canada Goose name is Anidori Kiladra Talianna Isilee.Selia Ani’s lady in waiting and former best friend, a people speaker. Her mother is the key mistress. She and most of Ani’s guard betrayed Ani in the Forest. She tried to kill Ani during the journey to Bayern.Falada Ani’s horse. He had a special connection with Ani because she heard and spoke the first word on his tongue, his name.Ani’s family Her mother, the Queen of Kildenree. Her father, the King of Kildenree, whose name is revealed in “Enna Burning” to be Tusken. Her siblings (in order from oldest to youngest): canada goose factory sale brother Calib Loncris (later Crown Prince, when Ani is sent away); sister Napralina Victery; sister Susena Ofelienna; and baby brother Rianno Hancery. Her aunt, an animal speaker, who taught Ani animal speaking and told her stories.Talone Leader of the guards who accompanied Ani to Bayern, and remained loyal to her. Other guards who remained loyal to Ani were Adon, Dano, Ingras and Radal. Thought to be killed by Selia and canada goose black friday sale the guards during the Forest massacre.Ungolad Leader of the guards who betrayed Ani in the Forest. He was in love with Selia. Some guards under his command were Ishta, Yulan, Terne and Hul.Gilsa Finn’s mother, took care of Ani after she left the Forest massacre, and makes wool pullovers to sell on marketday. She acts brusque but is very caring and generous.Finn A Forest boy, Gilsa’s son, sells his mother’s wool pullovers on marketday.Enna A Forest girl, eventually one of Ani’s best friends. She tends chickens. Main character of Enna Burning.Razo A Canada Goose Outlet Forest boy, eventually one of Ani’s best friends. He tends sheep. Main character of River canada goose Secrets.Geric Crown Prince of Bayern, initially disguised himself as a guard to the prince when he met Ani. He and Ani fall in love and marry, as they were already betrothed.


A battle of a different sort

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marzo 14th, 2013 Posted 12:10 AM

shared stories of 2013

It was a year which saw a number of notable deaths, Canada Goose online including Margaret Thatcher, Nelson Mandela and Hugo Chavez, the Pope’s resignation and a meteorite crash cheap canada goose uk in Russia.

But 2013 also saw other issues engaging BBC News website readers. The Canada Goose sale prospect of a global wine shortage, the rescue of a dolphin from a fishing line and the skyscraper which melted parts of a canada goose uk outlet car were all more unusual stories canadian goose jacket that captured the imagination. And there was a host of major news events as well.

Here is a selection of the stories on the BBC News website that were either widely shared on social media or received large amounts of readers from social media.

JanuaryThe year started with a helicopter crashing into a crane on a foggy morning in London, killing the Canada Goose Outlet pilot and a person on the ground. The Metropolitan Police said it was “miraculous” more people were not killed but safety experts later claimed the crash was “preventable”.

A woman captured the moment a dolphin was rescued from a fishing line in Hawaii. She told the BBC that the cheap Canada Goose dolphin “communicated” with the diver to request help.

Media captionCamera operator Martina Wing described the rescue as “mind blowing”

FebruaryPope Benedict XVI unexpectedly announced his resignation on grounds of poor health, making him the first pope to do so in nearly 600 years. Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio from Argentina was subsequently uk canada goose elected as Pope Francis.

This is not a definitive list of the most shared stories from the BBC News website

A selection has canada goose store been made using a variety of methods

Scientists confirmed a skeleton buried under a car park in Leicester was that of English king Richard III. The lead archaeologist said it was “beyond reasonable doubt” the bones were those of the monarch, who was killed in battle in 1485. A battle of a different sort, over where his remains will be buried, continues at the High Court.

Nearly 1,000 people were injured by a meteorite which crashed in central Russia. One Russian politician reportedly blamed American weapons testing for the incident although it’s thought to have been caused by the partial burning of a large meteor in the lower atmosphere.

Media playback is unsupported on your device

Media captionThe BBC’s Daniel Sandford says people described a ball of fire in the sky

MarchMillions of Venezuelans mourned the death canada goose coats of president Hugo Chavez, aged 58. The controversial leader of 14 years had been ill with cancer for more than a year and many queued for hours to see his body buy canada goose jacket cheap lying in state. The man behind the outfit, takeaway delivery driver Stan Worby later revealed he did Canada Goose sale so for a joke after watching his team’s cup final in London.

However, the next month, the 39 year old was himself charged for burglary.

Media playback is buy canada goose jacket unsupported on your device

Media captionWho is the Bradford batman?

AprilThe death of Margaret Thatcher, Britain’s first female prime minister, was announced. The 87 year old died “peacefully” following a stroke whilst staying at the Ritz hotel in central London. Crowds of supporters and Canada Goose Parka some protesters lined the streets of London for the ceremonial funeral which followed at St Paul’s Cathedral.

A day earlier, two explosions at the finish line of the Boston Marathon killed three people and left hundreds injured. One of those suspected of being behind the attack was shot dead, while canada goose uk black friday the other survived being shot through the face, legs and left hand.

Media playback is unsupported on your device

Media captionThe moment of the first explosion

The BBC’s Great British class calculator, which suggested there are seven identifiable social groupings in the UK, really got readers talking. New affluent workers, emergent service workers and precariat the poor, precarious proletariat were Canada Goose Online among the new classes to emerge from the study of 161,458 people.

It also revealed 20th Century middle class and working class stereotypes are out of date with only 39% of participants fitting into the established canada goose uk shop middle class and traditional working class categories.

MayA deadly machete attack in Woolwich, south Canada Goose Coats On Sale east London grabbed the nation’s attention. It was later confirmed that Drummer Lee Rigby of the 2nd Battalion the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers was the victim.

JuneSharers were smitten by the secret life of the cat, a study which tracked the movements of 10 cats over a number of weeks. The felines featured were found to have squabbled with their fellow furry friends over territory, visited other homes and roamed for up to canada goose coats on sale eight acres a day.

There was also a fair degree of fascination with Finnish babies, who sleep in cardboard boxes. The boxes are a gift from the state, and contain a mattress and heaps of other goodies, to canada goose give all new mothers a more equal start in life.

JulyAs we entered the second half of the year, readers jumped at the chance to find out “where can I afford to live?” The house canada goose factory sale price calculator encouraged plenty of discussion and compared the cost of renting and buying across the UK. The canada goose clearance sale results revealed a geographical divide with prices in northern regions flatlining canada goose clearance or falling, whereas in London and the south east prices are on the rise.

AugustAn entrepreneur in Leeds turned the canada goose black friday sale tables on cold callers by setting up uk canada goose outlet his Canada Goose Jackets own premium rate number. Lee Beaumont installed a personal 0871 line, which means telephoning him costs 10p per minute, of which he receives 7p. “I want cold calls” he said after revealing he had increased his revenue by keeping those who had previously been bothering him talking.